I love all things service, I am Tongan at heart, I adore people, And I am a Mormon

I am currently known as Sister Elizabeth Haderlie, But those who know me well outside the mission will call me Izzy. It's a bit different from your average name, but I love it because its mine. It originated from my eldest brother calling me "Lizard Breath" and then somehow from there it became Izzy. So I would prefer to be called Sister Izzy, but I am not sure how the LDS church would feel about that, let alone my own mother. So for now let's stick with Sister Haderlie for the next 18 months of my life.

I grew up in Utah. I graduated high school in May of 2013. I love Pottery, and Art. Anything to do with the Arts I love. My religion allows me to understand my desire to create, and admire others ability to create as well. God created all we see around us. He is the most supreme creator that has ever lived! So it only makes sense that I would have the desire to create. I love working around people with special needs. They seem to always bring out the best in everyone. And they sure know how to cheer you up if you are having a gloomy day! I one day hope to go to school to major in special education. In July of 2013 I learned to love the pacific people of Tongatapu. I went to the village of Papua to build a home for a family who never had the privilege of owning one of their own, yet came home with so much more than just the feeling of accomplishment for building that home. I came home with a deeper understanding of the love our Heavenly Father feels for each of his children individually. The people of Tonga strengthened my testimony of the truth of the message our church shares with others. I will forever be a Tongan Mormon at heart. I am currently dedicating 18 months of my life to teach others about Christ's church, and the happiness it can bring to them, and brings to me. I am serving in the Missouri, St. Louis Mission. I am humbled by the opportunity the Lord has given me to be in Missouri and devote all of my time to serving others, and bringing them to Christ.

My family will be updating my blog with my recent letters and pictures so keep posted to learn the latest from St. Louis!

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