Monday, August 11, 2014

The week of miracles!

Malo Lelei family and friends!

I hope all is well where you are at. Everyone looks good from the pictures and the emails! I love you guys so much. It is so fun to see how life just goes on for everyone all over the world! So many miracles happen each day in everyone of our lives. Heavenly Father loves us each so much.

Sister Gadi and I have witnessed so many amazing miracles this past week! We met with Cierra everyday the entire week. We taught her the commandments, which are always something that you are scared to teach, because at that point we really are asking them to change their ENTIRE way of life. The things we teach not to do, are the things the world teaches us we can do, and not only that, but we SHOULD do. We taught her the Word of Wisdom, and she LOVES sweet tea, but she immediately said, "well I guess that's the end of that!" She committed to live the word of wisdom even before we asked her too! She is incredible. She is so stalwart in all that she does. She knows that she wants to be baptized more than anything else in the world. She knows she needs to be baptized. She sincerely wants to change. She is so ready. 
Although there was so much good this week, I feel like Satan was there working right alongside her while we, and God, were working with her. Its seriously insane! Right after we taught the law of chastity she said she would live it because she knows that it is important and from God, even if she doesn't completely understand why yet. That same evening after one of the most spiritual lessons of my life with her, she texted us with so many crazy concerns. She said she randomly ran into a previous member of the church who had her records removed and she told her to be cautious and then told her so many things that scared Cierra so much! We were right there for her each step of the way though. I know Satan was so upset this past week. Every time he would throw a curve ball at us we would hit it right out of the park! It was so insane. I answered questions that I didn't even know the answers to myself. Sister Gadi said things that were so profound. Cierra is on track. If she could withstand this week, she can withstand anything!
Cierra also had a questions/concern about temples, but we bore strong testimony of the work that happens in them. She said she wanted to be around one to see how she would feel. HA! Of course she is going to feel amazing. It's Heavenly Father's house here on earth! So we jumped on that so fast. We had to get it approved through the Assistants to the President. So we hurried and called the District Leader, and luckily he was on exchanges with the Zone Leader so they called the AP's and it was all approved within one hour......That is seriously unheard of, it usually takes days to hear back about things getting approved. It was definitely God working there. He needed His daughter Cierra to see how amazing a temple really is. As we were there she said she felt so much peace and joy. She also asked about tithing so we had a lesson on that......guess what she said...."that makes so much sense. okay I will do that". She is what you can call a Golden Investigator for sure. I seriously just sit back and watch her and God work together! Its the most humbling experience ever. I am so blessed.

Sorry this one is so short, but we have a Zone P-day we have to get going to. I love you all so much!
Keep up the amazing work! And good luck with school starting up and everything. Remember to keep your priorities straight. God is the one who has blessed you with the brain the least we owe Him is to study good things and always remember who we are and where we came from!

Sister Haderlie
Mormon Night with the St. Louis Cardinals

Monday, August 4, 2014

He is a God of Miracles

Hello Family and friends!
You all sound so great! I forget it is summer, but am reminded each time I open my email on Monday and there are pictures of you in different states! I should start playing the guessing game for which state you will be in next. The months just kind of blur together out here and your life becomes consumed by teaching finding teaching eating sleeping studying and finding. I make it sound so fun right? But the even crazier part is that it IS so much fun! Now that's the true blessing. I love it so much. I have been so full of gratitude to my Heavenly Father lately. I was able to attend Ashley's baptism this past Saturday in good old Washington, MO. I am still in awe that God cares for each of us as individuals he doesn't just generally know what a group of people might feel. He knows how you as Victoria, Dorinda, Annelise, or Todd feel. He feels what you are going through, he knows what you want more than anything, and what's crazier is he desires to give it all to you more than anything. He loves us, and He will continue to love us always.

I am grateful to God for letting me take part in Ashley's conversion. She was so ready even before we started teaching her. She let God work in her life, she humbled herself to receive answers long before the missionaries met her. She is incredible. She was more than ready to make the sacred covenant of baptism. I am so blessed to know her. Its hard for me to explain in words how I feel...I don't always have a hard time doing that. But I just feel so humbled this past weekend. I have been reflecting a lot about how sacred this life really is, and how precious we really are. We are designed as unique individuals with special talents to bless the lives of other unique individuals with talents that bless us. Its a never ending circle of helping and blessings that Heavenly Father has created us for. It is so important for us to understand our divine potential and that Heavenly Father has a purpose for each of us that we can only do in this lifetime. I know that I was meant to meet Ashley in this lifetime. I know that God had a large amount of events happen in her and my lifetime so that we could cross paths. It sounds strange. But I have been thinking about the set of events that I have witnessed while just being out here...the set of events that happened to lead Ashley to the waters of Baptism. Its so special to see God working in people lives and in our own lives, and literally just sitting back (most of the time afterward) and watching miracles unfold, or noticing the miracles that did unfold.
A section from "Our Heritage" that has been in my mind constantly this past week is this:

"It is the story of men and women from all walks of life who sought for the fulness of the gospel of Jesus Christ and, upon finding it, were willing to pay the price of becoming the Savior’s disciples. These stalwart Saints pressed on through sufferings and hardships, witnessing even in their darkest hours of the goodness of God and the joy of his love. They have left a legacy of faith, courage, obedience, and sacrifice."
It reminded me of Ashley definitely, but as I have thought more an more about it, it reminds me of each of us. We all have at one time or another paid some price to become the Savior's disciple. We have all pressed on through suffering and hardships. We have witnessed to God and the world that we will not give up even when times get hard, we have shown the world that through the cleansing and strengthening power of the atonement we can move on to a new dawn and a new day. We have testified that He lives, and OUR legacy of faith will continue to carry on throughout countless generations. It does not matter if we found the church later in life, or were born into it. We all leave a legacy behind, we all begin a legacy that will continue for generations. No matter how big or small you may think your impact is, the only thing that matters is that it IS an impact. Always remember God has a purpose for you, and for that purpose God preserves you each and everyday. Live up to your potential, and you will feel Gods love radiating in your life each and everyday in a way you did not think was even possible.
Quote of the week from President Morgan:

"Have you ever done something really good,
-you know it's good-
and then have someone criticize a detail?

As much as we know better, most of us still
tend to focus of the problems rather than
the successes.

But the fact is, tell me what I'm doing right
and I'll do more things right.

Focus on what I'm doing wrong and I loose
self-esteem, confidence, and enthusiasm
for doing the best I can do."
Keep traveling down the path of discipleship. Keep losing your life in the service of God until you find yourself. My prayer is that each of you will understand your infinite worth and potential. May God be with you in all that you do.

Sister Haderlie

Its a good week!

Hello Family and Friends,
Oh brother! Another good week has flown by here in the mission field. I cannot believe how fast time flies. I cannot believe how many miracles I witness a day. It is such a blessing to see God work in peoples lives through me. I am continually blessed. So I just recieved an email from Brother Wagemann, the ward mission leader in Washington, MO, that Ashley is in fact getting baptized this Saturday. God is so real. His power is so real. I am so blessed to have taken part in helping her come unto Christ. I am going to try to make it back, we will see though it is kind of far away from where I am now. But I am just so happy right now. I can't contain it :)
Well this past week we found 2 new investigators out here. We met a lady who says she is open to the idea of there being a God, but doesn't know if He is actually God, and Jesus Christ is a different story....Its interesting that she let us in. Most people who tell us that will not let us in and say they are good. There is something definately different about her, she feels the need to find God again, but she just doesn't want to admit it quite yet. I am so excited to continue teaching her. She is so amazing, we taught her the Plan of Salvation and she agreed with all of the doctrine. She said she has come to the same conclusions as what we were teaching. God has helped her so much. And I know she knows it! I am so stoked.
We also had one of our investigators Cierra come to church. She actually was there last week and texted us while we were in gospel principles and said she liked the meeting, and we were like......WHAT? SHE WAS HERE?? haha so she is rock solid. She shows up to church on her own. That is seriously such a huge blessing. She said she likes it and she is so sincere with her questions and we give her answers and she sincerely ponders on the things we say. She is amazing. We also had a Stake picnic this past Saturday that she came to and so it was fun to get to know her and just hang out with her so she sees we are normal. She is slowly learning about how missionary life is and its funny her reactions. She always says, "wow you are so dedicated." She builds my confidence just a little bit each time I talk to her. No big deal.
I am so blessed out here! I can't even convey to you how many miracles I witness daily. I can't believe that God loves us all so much. My testimony of that is growing more and more everyday. I know that this work is the most important thing here on earth. I know that we all are taking part in it right now. Catch the wave that has begun. God is bringing forth His gospel to all of his children, and you have a part in that. Always live worthy enough so that God can use you as an instrument in His hands. 
Love you so much!
Always remember who you are, and with the help of Jesus Christ, remember who you can become!
Sister Haderlie 

Peace out Missouri. It's been real.

Hey Family and Friends,
I am currently in the state of Illinois. Serving in the Shiloh ward. I am so excited to be here the work is hoppin' over here. Sister Gadi is rock solid, she is philipino, and so sweet. She is from Los Angeles, California. She actually came out with me so we have both been out for a total of 4 (or 5, you pick) months! Lots of people were confused why President would put us together because we are both so new. I just keep telling them that they must trust Sister Gadi. I love it here though the people are so nice and this ward is on fire when it comes to Missionary work! They are all so excited to help out here. They love the missionaries to, especially Sisters because this area just got white washed into a Sister Area like 2 transfers ago. So I am loving life. Also funny story, my first ever District leader in the mission field, Elder Bright, is once again my District Leader. And he is serving right here in the Shiloh ward too! Funny how that works. And I know Sister Gadi too from the MTC! So it's pretty exciting.
Well it was different leaving an area I was in for 4 months, where I knew everyone, and everything about a lot of things. And then coming here to learn a new area all over again! It was reminiscent of when I first got into the mission field. But was also strange when we would go to see investigators and I could acutally open my mouth (not like when I first came out and was scared too). It has been a huge blessing to switch areas. I think God does that for a reason for His missionaries. First because its nice to get a new set of eyes in an area, and second to show the missionary that He has called that they can do this, and that they are qualified! He truly qualifies us just like His prophet, Thomas S. Monson has promised! It is very fun to see just little glimpses of the growth you have had out here. Now I sound like I am bragging. I just want you to see how amazing a mission really is! It changes you, shapes you, and molds you into what your Heavenly Father not just wants, but NEEDS you to become. I love that about my mission. Sister Gadi and I have had many conversations about the same subject here. We are both at the same spot right now so its pretty fun to discuss things with her.
Well this week so far has been incredible. Trying to learn the area, and trying to learn the people is so fun! I love it. We have some pretty solid investigators right now. They seem very interested and are keeping there commitments so good. Its insnae to think that there are so many people out there seeking for truth. Even in New Baden, IL (sure you never heard of that one before!) It is a huge testament to me that God is so mindful of each of his Children, He cares about them, and when it is the right time, He sends His church to them to help them see their potential, and His love for them.
On Saturday we were visiting Potentials out in one of our smaller areas. We were having some success finding people who would tell us to come back. It was a good day, nothin crazy happening, but blessings all around us for sure. It was almost time to head out to our Dinner Appointment, but we were like lets try this formers investigator, even though he didn't sound to promising. I was about to say, no he doesn't sound interested (according to the area book). But we just decided to do it anyways. We knock on the door and his wife answers and she lets us in reluctantly, She looked super tired and exhausted, she said she just got home from work. And to be honest, I felt a little bad....But we asked her if her husband was home she said he was sleeping. And then Sister Gadi asked, well would you like to hear our message? She reluctantly again, says "sure". So we start with a prayer and then we start setting expectations for the lessons, She's nodding her head to what we are saying.
We were running pretty short on time, so Sister Gadi asks her to pull out her phone so we can watch the mormon message about the restoration, which is like 2 minutes long. She does, and something changes in her. The spirit was so strong, and she starts asking us sincere, heartfelt questions. She begins to tell us that her mother just passed away form breast cancer, and no one knew about the cancer so it was so quick. She has been struggling lately, and been very sad. But she knows that God has sent us into her life at this time. It was so powerful. All I could think about was a scripture I have on one of my journals "stand still and consider the wondrous works of God" (Job 37:14). All I could do was stand by and think about how God works so many miracles each and every day in the lives of each of His countless children. He never forgets one of us. And He sent me, His servant, to this womens home to bring her the restored gospel of Jesus Christ! I am blessed to take part in that.
We should all feel so blessed that our Father in Heaven takes time each day to care about us as individuals. He knows you as His son or daughter, He IS helping you. All you need to do is look around you. I invite all of you this week to  "stand still and consider the wondrous works of God". Look around you and see the many miracles and blessings that are unfolding right before your eyes. He will never desert you. I promise you He has not deserted you. Just look around and you will see. And then in the evenings as you go to bed, remember to send a prayer of thanksgiving His way, acknowledge Him, and acknowledge His love for you. I promise that if you do you will truly find yourself, you will be able to start seeing yourself the way He sees you, and you will start to see others the way He sees them. I know He has done that for me out here, and he can do it for you wherever you are, and whatever you are doing.
I love you all so much, I can't even handle it!
 D&C 84: 88 And whoso receiveth‍ you, there I will be also, for I will go before‍ your face. I will be on your right hand and on your left, and my Spirit‍ shall be in yourhearts, and mine angels‍ round about you, to bear you up.
The Lord helps those who serve him and will add His power to their efforts!
“When we are on the Lord’s errand, we are entitled to the Lord’s help. Remember that whom the Lord calls, the Lord qualifies." -President Thomas S. Monson
Sister Haderlie
Oh By the way! President is taking 4 zones to a Cardinals game tomorrow night. And guess what. I am the lucky winner of the 4th zone! Woot.
 My swagalicious Philipino soul Sister.

Sister Gadi and I

Ducks at our picnic

Jul 21

Mormon night at the Cardinals game