Monday, August 11, 2014

The week of miracles!

Malo Lelei family and friends!

I hope all is well where you are at. Everyone looks good from the pictures and the emails! I love you guys so much. It is so fun to see how life just goes on for everyone all over the world! So many miracles happen each day in everyone of our lives. Heavenly Father loves us each so much.

Sister Gadi and I have witnessed so many amazing miracles this past week! We met with Cierra everyday the entire week. We taught her the commandments, which are always something that you are scared to teach, because at that point we really are asking them to change their ENTIRE way of life. The things we teach not to do, are the things the world teaches us we can do, and not only that, but we SHOULD do. We taught her the Word of Wisdom, and she LOVES sweet tea, but she immediately said, "well I guess that's the end of that!" She committed to live the word of wisdom even before we asked her too! She is incredible. She is so stalwart in all that she does. She knows that she wants to be baptized more than anything else in the world. She knows she needs to be baptized. She sincerely wants to change. She is so ready. 
Although there was so much good this week, I feel like Satan was there working right alongside her while we, and God, were working with her. Its seriously insane! Right after we taught the law of chastity she said she would live it because she knows that it is important and from God, even if she doesn't completely understand why yet. That same evening after one of the most spiritual lessons of my life with her, she texted us with so many crazy concerns. She said she randomly ran into a previous member of the church who had her records removed and she told her to be cautious and then told her so many things that scared Cierra so much! We were right there for her each step of the way though. I know Satan was so upset this past week. Every time he would throw a curve ball at us we would hit it right out of the park! It was so insane. I answered questions that I didn't even know the answers to myself. Sister Gadi said things that were so profound. Cierra is on track. If she could withstand this week, she can withstand anything!
Cierra also had a questions/concern about temples, but we bore strong testimony of the work that happens in them. She said she wanted to be around one to see how she would feel. HA! Of course she is going to feel amazing. It's Heavenly Father's house here on earth! So we jumped on that so fast. We had to get it approved through the Assistants to the President. So we hurried and called the District Leader, and luckily he was on exchanges with the Zone Leader so they called the AP's and it was all approved within one hour......That is seriously unheard of, it usually takes days to hear back about things getting approved. It was definitely God working there. He needed His daughter Cierra to see how amazing a temple really is. As we were there she said she felt so much peace and joy. She also asked about tithing so we had a lesson on that......guess what she said...."that makes so much sense. okay I will do that". She is what you can call a Golden Investigator for sure. I seriously just sit back and watch her and God work together! Its the most humbling experience ever. I am so blessed.

Sorry this one is so short, but we have a Zone P-day we have to get going to. I love you all so much!
Keep up the amazing work! And good luck with school starting up and everything. Remember to keep your priorities straight. God is the one who has blessed you with the brain the least we owe Him is to study good things and always remember who we are and where we came from!

Sister Haderlie
Mormon Night with the St. Louis Cardinals

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