Monday, August 4, 2014

Its a good week!

Hello Family and Friends,
Oh brother! Another good week has flown by here in the mission field. I cannot believe how fast time flies. I cannot believe how many miracles I witness a day. It is such a blessing to see God work in peoples lives through me. I am continually blessed. So I just recieved an email from Brother Wagemann, the ward mission leader in Washington, MO, that Ashley is in fact getting baptized this Saturday. God is so real. His power is so real. I am so blessed to have taken part in helping her come unto Christ. I am going to try to make it back, we will see though it is kind of far away from where I am now. But I am just so happy right now. I can't contain it :)
Well this past week we found 2 new investigators out here. We met a lady who says she is open to the idea of there being a God, but doesn't know if He is actually God, and Jesus Christ is a different story....Its interesting that she let us in. Most people who tell us that will not let us in and say they are good. There is something definately different about her, she feels the need to find God again, but she just doesn't want to admit it quite yet. I am so excited to continue teaching her. She is so amazing, we taught her the Plan of Salvation and she agreed with all of the doctrine. She said she has come to the same conclusions as what we were teaching. God has helped her so much. And I know she knows it! I am so stoked.
We also had one of our investigators Cierra come to church. She actually was there last week and texted us while we were in gospel principles and said she liked the meeting, and we were like......WHAT? SHE WAS HERE?? haha so she is rock solid. She shows up to church on her own. That is seriously such a huge blessing. She said she likes it and she is so sincere with her questions and we give her answers and she sincerely ponders on the things we say. She is amazing. We also had a Stake picnic this past Saturday that she came to and so it was fun to get to know her and just hang out with her so she sees we are normal. She is slowly learning about how missionary life is and its funny her reactions. She always says, "wow you are so dedicated." She builds my confidence just a little bit each time I talk to her. No big deal.
I am so blessed out here! I can't even convey to you how many miracles I witness daily. I can't believe that God loves us all so much. My testimony of that is growing more and more everyday. I know that this work is the most important thing here on earth. I know that we all are taking part in it right now. Catch the wave that has begun. God is bringing forth His gospel to all of his children, and you have a part in that. Always live worthy enough so that God can use you as an instrument in His hands. 
Love you so much!
Always remember who you are, and with the help of Jesus Christ, remember who you can become!
Sister Haderlie 

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