Sunday, March 16, 2014

First Email From the MTC

What do I say about the life of a missionary? I feel like information is exploding out my brain from rules, to the gospel, to understanding the scriptures, to personal scripture study, and then companionship study. I was having a hard time constantly having someone follow me around (companion) I am still working on that. I like my personal space and then also not having that person be exactly you is soooooo difficult. But my companion is seriously a gem. She is so obedient, which is something I need to work on, she is so sweet and she loves the Savior. I am sure I drive her up the wall because I am just a noobie but that's fine right? That is what prayer and the atonement are for. To learn to love others through the Lord's help. At the MTC on Sunday's they allow  you to watch what they call movies (devotional talks and things). One of them is called the character of Christ. Wow. I highly recommend it. Maybe look for it on the internet, just look for "the character of Christ" by David A. Bednar at the MTC Christmas Devotional. It talks about how we need to study and learn OF not ABOUT the character of Christ, and then truly apply that in our lives. He talked about how Christ turned outward instead of turning inward like the Natural Man would want to do (aka me and you). He turns out in love, compassion and service, even when his disciples betrayed him, or fell asleep when he was suffering in the Garden. He never once asked for anyone to feel sorry for him, or never told anyone to try to feel the way he feels and do something for him. What an amazing man Christ truly was. I guess man is not the word because he is perfect and the Lord....But I would recommend watching it. I am not sure if Toddy saw it in the MTC.

Tori is going to do amazing because she is a Haderlie and she knows her Savior, its easy to talk about him when you truly know and love him. Tell her Good luck! Tell her to look in preach my gospel and start preparing now for her mission (haha). And she is growing up so quick......I feel like that is not the age she was when I left a week ago. Setting the table? And Toddy washing dishes? What has happened to my family? I joke. You guys are great I sure do love I love you a whole lot! Thanks for writing me too. It means the world that you still remember me and I am not something of your past haha hopefully this can continue through the whole 18 months of my mission! And tell those people I call my siblings to write me. Tell Tori to write me letters! Just write me when your bored! Because its nice to get a little present called a letter at night or during the day. Its like Christmas on  your mission no joke. And then when you don't get one and others do its like your sibling got a shiny new bicycle, and you got a lump of coal. I want pictures to! ESPECIALLY of these weddings and just general life. And Dad I am calling you out. I expect to at least hear from  you once a month. And when all you old farts get married I want to here about your lives still! Marriage is no excuse to forget about your sister who is serving the Lord.

I love you guys. Who knew that not even a week away from  your family could make you miss and love them soooooo much more. I mean I have always loved you guys, especially you Mamma "D". You are such a good example to me when it comes to literally everything. And Todd wow its good to know you have been through this but like 60 times more because you were learning a whole new language. WOW!!! I think that would be just so hard. I have so much respect for the Elders and Sisters who are learning a language.  The MTC is fantastic. Its hard to be away from everything but so close at the same time. But I sure do love this work! I am growing so much! I am learning to rely on the Saviors atonement and the Holy Ghost when I speak! I don't know these investigators but God does! And he will guide me if I come unto him and submit my will to his. My district is made up of two sister companionships (this is including me and my comp) and a companionship of Elders. They are all in their 20's but its all good! There are other districts going to St. Louis too, I have met one of them. It is made up of three companionships of sisters and then some Elders out there somewhere in this MTC. I leave on March 11 at 4:25 am haha ya never been a morning person but I will learn to be one on my mission. Well this work is great, its stuff you know, but brought to a completely different light and it stretches you in ways you don't really want to because its tough, but you know  you need to and can with the lords help. Does that even make sense? Did you get my letter? Maybe it will come today or tomorrow...Well ya I like you sooo much. And am happy that we can be for eternity because you guys are seriously amazing.
P.S. Every Polynesian I see I ask if they are Tongan, well because you know I love Tonga. Some are from Samoa, and American Samoa, but you know thats okay, not everyone can be Tongan and make it into the celestial kingdom.....I am kidding!
You are amazing! And keep up the good work. And STUDY your scriptures. I am not a good example, but they seriously do hold so much truth direction, and can bring you SO much closer to the Savior. And make your prayers meaningful, I mean  you are talking to God, not everyone has that privledge (thats wrong) of knowing they can have someone who cares sincerely and is always there. 

Funny Story as well. I went to the temple today and as I was going through a Sister said oh are you related to the other Sister Haderlie I just sent up? I was scared you were there Mom. haha I mean I would have loved to see you but ya I would have balled. Because I love you that much. Don't miss me too much because know I am in the right place doing what I love. But think about me often. And its good to know I am in your prayers :) because I sure need those prayers....

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