Sunday, March 16, 2014

Last letter from MTC

Ohhh Mom you make me cry! You are a saint, and I miss you a lot. But know that this is where the Lord wants me to be. I have seen Shawn a lot, and I cried because I am a baby and I just cry a lot. I cried when I met Pua too because I love Tonga and she reminded me of Mama John and Ofa and Sister Niu. But I am getting better at this crying thing. Everyone will think I am crazy if I don't get a hold of it. I have learned to feel the spirit, and testify of Christ and his atonement without being a sobber. haha Did you think that was possible? Because I sure didn't. Miracles do happen. I am so excited for Kyle! He is an amazing kid, tell him I love him and congrats! He is just so cool. Tell him to write me too! That little bum. Well my experiences have been amazing. And I am learning each day that preaching the word is not about me, not about how much I know, but about how much faith I have that the Lord will carry me through this. He will put the thing I need to say in my mouth at the very moment I need it. He will reveal to me what his child (my investigator needs). 

This is my first true missionary experience. Mark this one in the Calendar as the day Izzy realized that missionary work is not about the missionary and what the missionary knows. So we were teaching our TRC investigator on Saturday. She has been reading the Book of Mormon and she LOVES it because she loves the story line, she prays and has come to know that God loves her and Jesus Christ atoned for her sins. She is a powerful investigator, and wants to know the truth, and she has found it! Well she was reading the first chapter of Nephi and said that she likens herself to Laman and Lemuel, because she would not want to go through all that they did, she would have complained and been angry with her parents, that is the natural thing we should do. And then she said that it is too difficult to be Nephi, that he is too righteous. Then in my mind the scripture popped in "for the natural man is an enemy to God..." But I could not remember where it was. Moroni? Mormon? I think its an M? So I turned to my comp who is a wiz when it comes to the scriptures, and said "you know the natural man is an enemy to God" and she just looked at me like a crazy person. I was so frightened I had just turned the lesson in to a flop by saying a scripture that we were not going to be able to find and share. But this is the miracle. Sister Richie and I start opening our scriptures and scrambling to find it. She is in the Nephi's and I am like blehhh??? I open my scriptures, and low and behold I was opened to Mosiah 3, and my eyes went directly to verse 19. It was a huge witness to me that God does have control, and he will bless us with the very thing we need to do at the very time we need it, if we are faithful, and obedient.

Well I met and Elder Faakhi who is from Tonga (like fresh from Tonga) and he is going to the Missouri, Independence mission haha we exchanged emails (yes that's a thing people still exchange emails) and we will hopefully keep in touch. He is and awesome guy! haha he likes that I have been to Tonga, and I like that he is from Tonga so its a win win situation I guess. 

Well I am off to St. Louis tomorrow! Wish me luck because I am going to need it. Just kidding the Lord trusts me so I trust me. Who better to have the trust of then God himself? He has work to be done. And it will go forth. To every nation, kindred, tongue, and people!

Love Sister Izzy Haderlie

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