Saturday, March 22, 2014

Malo e Lelei Family!

Malo e Lelei Family!

Mission life is hard. Not going to lie. I fall asleep in my scriptures daily. Just kidding it happened one time haha but I think that the whol sleep deprivation thing will get better over time...? Probably not. But I love this work so I will suck it up. I now can say I run. My companion Sister Martinez (no she is not hispanic) has turned me into a runner. Okay I like walk/jog. haha It's nice to get up exercise and then get the day started though. Although it is SO hard and you dread it each morning, You feel so much better afterwards. And I am hoping that it becomes habit like it has for sister Martinez. She is a saint. I love her so much! She is so nice and super funny. I love her to death already. And I love these people to death already as well! They sure know how to talk your ear off. But they have some pretty amazing stories to tell, so I just let them talk my ear off! I love this work and I love that I can be a part of something so big! Bringing others unto Christ! 

I am in a town called Washington, Missouri. It is about half an hour south from St. Louis. Our area is pretty large, but the mission is HUGE! I didn't realize how big my mission actually was. We have a lot of area to cover. woooohooo small town rock! I am not in too small of a town right now. Actually its not that small at all. Its just all spread out instead of centralized like Orem. There are so many hills here to drive over! It makes me sick, but it is so beautiful! I can only imagine what it will look like in the Spring/Summer! The town is right on the Missouri River. I cannot wait to see a sunset on the river. Oh man. It just makes my spine tingle thinking about it. The sunset are already gorgeous without it being on the river! I am a little obsessed with the fact that the town lies on the river. Its been a dream of mine.

I need you guys to send me two letters (or a package) so that I have proof of residency for the Library because I need to get a Library card if I want to email here. Which is where we email. So I need that Pronto. I only have one more visit until I can use the computers any more.

Sister Martinez is seriously amazing. I look up to her loads. Her testimony could move mountains and her faith in our savior and his timing makes my own faith grow. She is funny, and kind, and outgoing. She is just a perfect missionary and I am so lucky to have a trainer like her! She is from Layton, Utah. There is an Elder Abad in our Area from the Philippines he is seriously a hoot.

Well something I have been really working on and learning more about from being here is the idea that people don't care how much you know until they know how much you care. No one wants to listen to your message unless they feel that real Christ-like love that you have for them, and that you are there to CHANGE their life, not to just preach. It's something that I have been coming to learn. Sister Martinez helped me realize that. 

We have had a lot of ward activities this past week so I have become really acquainted with the ward, who I love! They are all such amazing people who want to help in this work! They understand Member missionary work! And it is inspiring to see how much they want to help the missionaries out. We are definitely well fed. I was not aware when I accepted my call that homemade Mac & Cheese was a staple in a Missourians diet? I have had it at least 4 or 5 times. Good thing we have time to exercise...We met a new investigator this past week who wants to learn more about Jesus, which is good because our message is centered on Jesus Christ. So he is bound to learn about him. There is a Baptismal date set for an investigator on March 23rd. So It will be my first convert baptism I get to see! I am so happy. His name is Mark. I will send pictures next week! Life is so amazing. I love it. 

I am happy to hear our Ward has a new Bishop sounds like a jolly fellow. I know that he is called of God so he has got to be good! (:

Good luck with all the wedding planning! Wish I could be there. I would love to get pictures of the plans! I cannot believe the first wedding is only in 2 weeks! Where did time go?? SO insane! I love that our lives are happening. this is it. You raised some great kittens Mama D. Be proud. They will make a dent in this world so big it won't know what hit it! I love you guys so much. And I am proud to call you my family. And even more happy to say that we are forever. I literally will be eternally blessed because of you. Thanks for everything! Oh and I am making a picture wall in my apartment since I will be here for at least 3 months. So send some family pictures, old and new, of all sorts so that I can put them up on the wall! 

Ofa 'atu!
Leaving for the Airport 

Sis. Martinez & Sis. Haderlie

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