Sunday, April 6, 2014

This is where I am meant to be!

Malo e Lelei family!

Wow. I thought I was getting better at not crying. But then bam you send some sweet pictures of the best day ever and boom I am an emotional wreck in front of everyone at the library. EVERYONE in those pictures seems SO beyond happy. I am so glad that the family could be all together on such a beautiful day. I cannot wait to see more pictures. I am so blessed that we have the knowledge that we can be together forever as families. And that Liz is part of our eternal family now! What a blessing that God loves us enough to let us share the rest of forever with the people who were with us through the hardest part of Gods plan for us! Our life here on earth. I cannot even begin to think of anyone else I would want to spend eternity with than you guys! ALL OF YOU. Grandparents, cousins, Aunts, Uncles. The whole lot of you. I thank my Heavenly Father everyday for such amazing people in my life.
That is CRAZY that my comp is Mikey's cousin haha and they are super tight. Sister Dorris here in our ward showed Sister Martinez and I Mikey's post on Facebook....Hopefully that's not like mission illegal or something. Sister Martinez was more than stoked! Sister Dorris also told me you commented on Sister Hervey's picture of us at the Women's Broadcast.....oh mom....I love you to the moon and back and then back and forth a lot of times. This life is so amazing. I cannot even begin to thank my Heavenly Father for all he has given me up to this point in my life. I am so blessed to be out here letting people know of the same truths that bring me happiness everyday! It's not something I am trying to sell, it's not a job that I have to do, it's nothing like that! It's the fact that I have felt of God's love in my life, I know my savior lives. I believe more than anything that the Plan of Salvation is God's plan for us to return back to him. And that families are forever! And I want others to be as happy as me!
Well Sister Martinez and I were discussing the other day that getting doors slammed in your faces is not as bad as it sounds. Don't get me wrong its hard because you KNOW that you have the answers to so many questions they might have and you know you that if only they knew the importance of the message we have to share! But I mean I really LIKE tracting. Because those people who do listen are ALL worth it! Dylan oh man. I just feel another baptism coming up. Although he lost his phone so its hard to get in contact with him. But his spirit is SO strong! But he didn't come to church yesterday but he did last week. Man we have to visit with him soon....But he is SO AWESOME! And tracting is worth it. Although the big push right now is for member missionary work. So we need to try to get referrals from members when we have dinners....Its so hard because they always say "I knew that questions was coming" but they don't have anyone to give us! Man.....So we tract and that is where all of our investigators right now are from. Tracting. 

You guys need to start being missionaries back home! In the wise words of our ward mission leader here "Call yourself on a mission" Not literally but try to find those people who need the gospel! That's the only way that everyone will have the chance to hear about the restored gospel of Jesus Christ! If members do their part, along side the missionaries! So this is a call to action....make up family mission plans, set goals for how many times you are going to share the gospel that week, member or not! Become a member missionary, get your family involved in the work! If we are truly converted to this gospel then we will not be able to keep our mouths shut about it! I am working on this myself. Becoming truly converted! 

Although this week was not as successful as we had planned for it to be. I realized some weeks are just like that! We set goals, invite people, and then our investigators have the choice to accept the invitation and follow up or not. We never know or can say what they will do! But we just keep inviting. The Ashton's 11 year old son wants to get baptized, but his mother would like to enter into the waters of baptism with him! So it a blessing in disguise. It might take a little longer than we anticipated it too, but we are working hard to bring the whole Ashton family to the truth! We are hoping that our other investigators will have the desire to be baptized as well. Brother Dykgraaf was baptized last week, the Ashton family came to that and Dylan (our other investigator) said he felt a power SO strong that he wanted to touch it! PRIESTHOOD POWER is what that is! And the Holy Ghost witnessing to all who were there that God lives, and he loves us, and that baptism is the gateway to the path back to our Father in Heaven. I know this work can seem hard at times. Especially when you feel you worked so hard, but the numbers just don't seem to match your efforts. But I know that true conversion takes time, and we want them to be truly converted so they have the desire to endure to the end. And these are people, God's children, who we are talking about. Not just numbers!

I am so blessed to be part of such a great work. The work of salvation, God's work. I am so proud to say I am a servant in this part of his vineyard here on earth. And I am blessed to have so many family members and friends who support me with letters, emails, and all sorts of things! I cannot imagine anything I would rather be doing right now. This is where I am meant to be! Love you all so much!

Coming together is a beginning;
Keeping together is progress.
Working together is success.
This can be applied to the family, and I thought it fit seeing that we just had a marriage in the family. Mazel Tov!
Represent. TONGA FO LYFE.

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