Friday, April 25, 2014

I get to spend each day in the service of God!

Hello Family!
It does sound like a pretty stressful week you guys had there. I really likes nimbus. He was my favorite bunny out there. No one can compare to him. He will always have a special place in my heart. I will have to tell Sam and Bryan they really have a special connection to nimbus too. Tell tori not to worry because Nimbus will be hopping towards her as she arrives on the other side with his little bunny paws wide open to greet her! I am glad that you could get a new one though! You are to nice of a mom though....You just secretly love animals and keep getting more and more. Or you just love your kids to much that you spoil us. Either way you are way to nice. I love you more than the world!

Well Sister Martinez and I are working hard. Trying hard to find some new people to teach! We found the Mcnew family, and a woman named Sarah to teach this past week. We are hoping to invite them to be baptized soon. If not with a date, at least it will give them something big to think about. They are very interested in the Book of Mormon, which is amazing!! They read it!! Wow. It seems like they are keeping commitments without us even saying anything.
Funny story how we found Sarah, or she found us I guess you would say. We were volunteering at Loving Hearts where we usually volunteer at. They are all such GOOD people. Wow they are amazing, I am pretty sure they are all Catholic. Don't quote me on that thought. Its a Food Pantry, but has a Thrift shop on the other side. Anyways we were just sitting there putting clothing on the hangers, and Sarah comes up and says. You guys visit people right? We are like ya I guess you could put it that way. She said well I would love for you guys to come visit with me and we will talk God and discuss the bible. BOOM, even when it did not seem like what we were doing was "inviting others to come unto Christ" even though we were not shouting from the street corner that he lives, we were still examples and someone knew who we were!
We met with her just a couple of nights ago and she told us about herself, we told her what we do. And she loves it. She loves God and she recognizes him in all things, she just doesn't go to a church that often. We introduced the Book of Mormon to her, and get this, She asked US if we had an extra copy that we could give to her. ELL OH ELL. OH BOY DO WE HAVE SOME EXTRA COPIES! So we gladly gave it to her, and she told US she was going to start reading it. How cool is that? I know God has prepared her to receive our message. God truly prepares all his children. I love that.
Well. I also got a free teacup from the lady at the thrift shop, her name is Donna. I really like her, she is a gem. I picked it up and said WOW! This teacup is beautiful, and she asked if I collected them, I said no but told her me and my sister LOVE antiques and are always looking for fun teacups, and she said well its yours! A tender mercy from the Lord that was! I love that he cares about me enough to send people like Donna into my life. To help me become more charitable and giving. Its amazing. These people out here get you to the very core! They all have such amazing stories to tell, and they can sure talk your ear off, I never thought I would have to worry about the amount of time we spend at our appointments, but you really do!!! I love it. They are so friendly...If you are not knocking at their doors. kidding. Some are friendly then too.
Sister Martinez is seriously a gem. I don't think that I could have asked for a better comp. She is insane like me. We always joke that they sent the two crazy sauce Sister Missionaries to the outskirts of the mission. And these people are pretty crazy too, so we match perfectly!! For real though. We have a ton of fun, and the Union Elders are the bomb. We have grown so close to them. But a new transfer is coming up and Elder Cox is being transferred to a SMALL town in the middle of no where according to the members of the Washington ward. We will be keeping Elder Abad for a little bit longer, But gaining a new Elder that we can learn to love as well! Wow. I love this mission. Sometimes it feels like only Washington and Union is my mission. I will stay here my whole mission right? I hope. Its heaven. There are so many beautiful sunrises and sunsets, and the rolling hills are so green! The river is pretty dirty, but the Sun sets nicely on it. I wish you could all see it. The blossoms are so gorgeous too!! They are everywhere. The hills also grow little purple flowers. So its bright green and purple as you drive around. Man Its really nice. Pictures don't do it justice fo sho.
Easter was amazing. I had such a good time. Wow. I did get to share the Because of Him video twice yesterday with an investigator and a member. So I was excited! We visited a lot of people yesterday, we have a really good time. But no one made a meal quite like you mama. You sure know how to cook up some real nice stuff. I kept trying to explain the rhodes roll lamb that you make every year! But IDK if you made it this year?? Anyways she was extremely confused, but I think she got it? She probably just gave up on my horrible explanation. She is nice to me like that.
This work is crazy awesome. I get to spend each day in the service of God! And some days I just forget how amazing that truly is!! I know that my redeemer lives, I know I am nothing without God. He makes me stronger each day as I try to become better at this mission life! I am sooo weak in so many ways. But he strengthens me to love more fully, open my mouth to everyone, and discern the needs of those around me! He cares enough for his children that he called one of his weak little daughters on a mission to tell them he loves them, and will make their burdens light if they will only come unto him. Its incredible no matter how much I mess up, something good will come of it if I come unto him. And know that he is God, he has complete and total control of the work that is going on in Washington, Missouri.
I love you guys! I cannot believe how much you guys are growing together as a family. You are poopendous! Keep up the good work. So glad to hear you had family home evening :) Keep doing what you know is right, keep trying  your hardest to live your lives in accordance with the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and He will make up the rest.

Sister Haderlie
P.S. Tell Grandma I really loved her package. She is the best. I love you all so much!

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