Monday, June 9, 2014

May 5, 2014

Hey Family,

Well it was nice hearing from you this week.....wait I didn't haha Now I expect to get like 6 letters in the mail to make up for that. Just kidding. I know it has to be CRAZY busy there with the wedding tomorrow. I tell everyone that my wonderful sister is getting married Tuesday. Everyone is just SO happy for you. Don't worry I got all of Missouri on board with this whole wedding thing. haha and everyone knows Annelise received her endowment on Friday too. I told everyone to think of you on Friday! I know I thought about you all day. And how amazing an experience it was for me when I went through. What a powerful experience it is to come into the celestial room and have your whole family waiting for you, and for you Shawn was there to!! I can't even imagine how spiritual that experience was for all of you. I was definitely there in spirit. And I will be thinking about you tomorrow a lot! I know that it is going to be an amazing day, that you will never forget! I just keep telling myself I will be there for EVERY kid that you have no matter how far apart we are to make up for not being there.

Well this week was pretty crazy. We have been trying a lot to share the missions goal for baptisms with the members of the ward, and letting them know that the missionaries in this mission are not the only ones who make it up. They are a part of this mission to! They are called to serve as well. It has been working really well we have had referrals and people telling us about those who they are fellow-shipping and trying to share the gospel with. These people are great! They understand what the prophet has called them to do. They just need to put it into action! Everyone out here is super enthused about missionary work.

Well then Friday rolled around, it was a good day, good things were happening. Then we went to have dinner and correlation meeting with Bro and Sister Wagemann. At like 8:45 we got a text from President saying "call me when you have a moment". Ya right you don't call president when you "have a moment" you do that right then and there. So Sister Martinez and I were like dangit, what did we do. And were thinking of everything that we had done in the past couple of weeks, nothing was coming up. We were trying to be good and faithful servants, I promise mom!

So we call and he asks us how we like surprises. Sister Martinez says well I think we handle them well, I mean Sister Haderlie just got a tick and that went over okay. Then he asks if it would be okay if we brought a new Sister into our companionship. So instead of a COmpanionship we have a TRIpanionship! So much fun. She is killer, he name is Sister Sims. She is incredible! She fits right in. She is so funny, kind, and thoughtful. She is going to make an amazing missionary in the Missouri St. Louis Mission. We got her all settled in to our apartment Saturday, and she has met with a few of our investigators! Its like we are having a slumber party every night with all these girls in our apartment! So much fun!

Well things are going well here in Washington. We are working hard to break some of our investigators of some bad habits that have been created with the missionaries. We really are trying to establish our purpose here, and what we wish for them to get out of what we are teaching. I know that as we continue to testify of the truthfulness of  the message we share, their hearts will be touched. We have tried being more bold this past week and I think that it has really helped. We had a part-member/Less active family come to church yesterday. His wife is not a member but says she has read the Book of Mormon and something just clicked. And she wants to convert. WHO JUST TELLS YOU THEY WANT TO CONVERT?! It feels like investigators are just falling into our laps. Its so insane what blessings come from just trying your hardest to be obedient. Miracles come from it. Sister Martinez (now Sister Sims) and I are witnesses!
Well keep up the good work family and dear friends. Don't ever forget who you are and what you are destined to become. And since you have that knowledge don't forget how vital it is that you share it with other. Members and non-members. Be an example of the believers!
Keep Hermana Whitehead in your prayers! I bet she is having and incredible experience in the Mexico MTC.
I expect loads of pictures and junk to come to me after this craziness is all done. Send me some pies and cakes. Just kidding haha Have fun at the wedding I am so stoked!!!
Sister Izzy
P.S. I love you to the moon and back and then back and forth 10000 times! Its hard to say if God loves you more than me. I am kidding I know he does which is crazy to think. Cause I love you toooo much!

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