Monday, September 15, 2014

Week One Down - Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Hello Family and friends,
Week one of the transfer is down and done with. I feel like its only smooth sailin' from here on out for the next 3 months. Just kidding I know there is going to be bumps in the road, if there weren't those bumps then I would worry that this was not the true word of God that I am doing!
Cierra was baptized this past week! It finally happened. It was such a spiritual experience. I felt so overwhelmingly happy to have taken part in someones conversion process. You never really think that it is going to happen, someone calling you THEIR missionaries, and when it does it still feels unreal. I am so blessed to have had the opportunity to teach her, and continue to teach Cierra. She is a strong daughter of God who has overcome so much to follow God's will and plan for her. She is a huge blessing to this church and to my life, and my conversion to the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
Well my new companions name is Sister Reed, She is from Colorado Springs, CO. She is such a blessing to this area. We have witnessed so many miracles in not even a full week yet. I see good things in store for the next couple of months. It is so crazy how fast time flies in the mission field. I saw Sister Sims at transfers, She was also training, so we were nervous wrecks together, but we were both commenting on how it feels like just yesterday we were being trained by Sister Martinez in Washington, MO. But then again it feels like ages ago. I can't believe when I am doing training Sister Reed I will have been out 9 months. That seems so insane. I can't even think about it....But what a blessing it is to train! She has brought a new fire into this area, the greenie fire! I love it. I have a greater desire to open my mouth and speak to everyone that I see. And I have found more confidence in sharing our message with everyone. I think God has really blessed me and helped me step up to the plate. The statement "whom the Lord calls, He qualifies" has never meant more to me in my life than now. What a blessing! The Lord will help us in our callings, especially when we feel overwhelmed by the responsibilities. The Lord truly will help us in our callings, especially when we feel overwhelmed by the responsibilities. I am sure all of you have witnessed this before.

What a blessing it is to know that everything we are called to do in this church, and even in our lives, if we are truly living the gospel of Jesus Christ, is from God. He does not give us anything we cannot handle, and he gives us the greatest tools here on earth to help us. As long as we are worthy and obedient we are promised God's help in all that we do. Even in the little things.

Well sorry this one is short today. But I love you all so much. You are all a huge blessing to me! I am very grateful for all the love and support I receive from you. Thank you for the many prayers and thoughts. I love you.

Sister Haderlie

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