Monday, June 9, 2014

May 12, 2014

Wow. The wedding looked like it turned out perfect. I cannot wait to see more pictures for it! I am so excited. It seriously looks Pinterest perfect. Everything you ever dreamed of! I am so happy for all of my family and everything they have been going through lately! You are all such great examples to me.
It was SOOOOO good talking to you all yesterday. It just felt like I could sit there and hear you talk all day long! I didn't want to say much. You guys are all having some amazing experiences back in Utah. I just wanted to soak that all up!
Well this letter will be short. Just because we are going to the Zoo today! I am stoked it is supposed to be like in the top 10 of the world or something. But I don't know about that...these people will tell you all sorts of crazy things out hear. I don't know what to believe anymore. So I just go with the flow.

This past week has been good to us though. We found 8 new investigators! These people are just coming out of nowhere! God truly prepares all people. He brought them to us. Now what we need to do is help them feel and recognize the spirit telling them the message we are sharing is true!! Then they will want to be baptized. That is the plan at least. It's a slow progression for a lot of people out here. You always here convert stories where they say it took them one month, but then there are some that take up to 12 years! And you know at that point its not just the missionaries who aren't doing their job. Some people just take time to come to the knowledge that it is true!! It is different for everyone.
Well I hope that you get your card in the mail! It sounds like you are all doing very well. And if you could just forward the cards I sent to the grandmothers to them I would appreciate that. I don't have address for like anyone. AND could you send those pictures of me and Amanda to me too? And just family pictures from your phone or anything?
Well it was a Happy Mothers Day indeed! I got to speak with the best mother on earth. I count my lucky stars everyday that Heavenly Father loves me enough to send me to one of the most incredible families here on earth! I don't know who, or where I would be without all of you in my life. I know that our Heavenly Father has a plan for each of us. And as we do what is right he will slowly reveal that plan to us. And then when we are in Heaven and look back we will say "well gosh dangit, that was one heck of a ride!" and we will see we became  pretty darn close to what our Heavenly parents would have us be.
Something Sister Sims said this week that struck me, was that when we get up to Heaven. We will be surprised at how much we know our Heavenly Father and Savior. We think we are so far away from them sometimes because we cannot hug them, we cannot sit next to them. But they are literally always there. Every step of the way. We know them, and as we continue to read the scriptures, pray, and go to the temple that relationship with them grows more and more. Then when we see them again, it will be like we were never really away from them!
Keep on Keepin' on family! Life is gonna slow down now for you all. Find time to do those things you know are right. Find time, or make time to read the scriptures, pray, seek guidance from our Father in Heaven, and truly grow each day to become what you and He know you can be!
One of my favorite quotes that I found is "If we want to speak to God we pray, If we want God to speak to us we read." We have to put in our part to obtain those answers that we desire! We have to try our hardest to grow closer to Him, and then he will reveal to you the answers! It could take days, but sometimes it could take years of slow progression!

I love you all so much.
Sister Haderlie

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