Monday, June 9, 2014

Transfer week

Hello Family,
I sounds like you guys are having fun back home! Wow. Tell Kraig congrats, that's pretty sweet...Yes. This week is in fact transfer week. I will not be transferred out of Washington, MO. So feel free to keep those letters and packages flowing in....haha. No but really you can send a package or something to my address here. I will be here for most likely another 2 transfers. I am not sure how I feel about staying in an area for so long, but President says he likes to keep new missionaries in the same area for the first 6 months of their missions. So we will see. Sister Martinez and Sister Sims will be leaving for another assignment. So that is the end of the "triplets" as we are called by President Morgan and his wife. We have to much fun here. He knows us too well. My new comps name will be...drum roll please.....Sister Errington. I don't know much about her other than that she was an STL when Sister Martinez was training and she is a red-head. Hopefully she is crazy, or maybe its better if she was not like me at all so I can learn from her! I hope I can learn from her sooo much! She is about to go home in 2 transfers I think...I will let you know more.
This past week was pretty good. The Kyenzel's told us straight up that they don't feel or see the need to be "baptized mormon". Sometimes its so hard...because you really feel like your investigators get something, and you walk away from a lesson like "oh ya! We brought the spirit so hard core to that lesson. No one can deny this is the truth!" And then you ask them about it and how they felt and they are like man we felt so good. The spirit was so strong. And they just don't understand what that means, what they have to do after they have felt that. And as much as we keep explaining. It is just not their time yet. They are not ready at this very moment to receive this into their lives. So we just keep searching for those who are ready, and helping those that are willing to listen to the message we have to share.

Sarah is still thinking about her baptismal date, she says she does not want to make a mockery of God, because she has already been baptized once in the baptist church. We tried explaining priesthood authority again, and asked her to pray about it....She said she prayed about it and didn't get an answer. We explained the importance of saying specific prayers so we can receive specific answers, because she prayers like 24/7 this woman does. She is always praying to God, but we asked her to give a specific prayer. She said she doesn't really see the need to say specific prayers. We shared Alma 22:15-18 with her and asked her to look at the specific prayer King Lamoni gives to Heavenly Father, and the specific answer he receives. She said she really likes that and she likes reading from the Book of Mormon. We just need to keep working with her, she loves hearing about stories where this gospel has changed people, especially people who it has done a complete 180 for. She really loves that.
I sincerely hope that I can see her and Seth be baptized. If not me, someone will! I just know it. It just takes some people a little more time than others. But something I have had to learn here more than anything is the fact that Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ have mounds and mounds of patience for us. Especially me. I learn more and more everyday how stubborn I actually am, how prideful I am. And how I am exactly like these people I am trying to teach here. They don't see or feel a need to change sometimes. A lot of the times I have noticed that I think that same way about myself. I don't need to change in that area, or I am not as prideful as SOME people. Wow. I catch myself being a nincompoop all day everyday. And I just think will this ever end!? When will I just stop being so sassy, and so full of pride!?

It is something that HAS to be worked on every day. You do not just wake up one day after pouring your heart out to your Father in Heaven and have it all taken care of. You have to put in the effort, and you HAVE to try. And when you ask to be more humbled and be more patient, expect God to send you opportunities to learn to be. And more importantly, recognize those opportunities for what they are, and follow through with what you have committed you are going to do. I have let my pride get the best of me so many times out here, and I have passed up so many specific opportunities to learn and grow, opportunities that I have specifically prayed for. I have passed them by, and carried on being exactly who I was the day before. I am learning each day that I cannot commit these people to things and expect them to follow through, when I am not following through on my commitments to my Heavenly Father. I have to try to become a better person, take care of myself, try to learn and grow, if I expect these people to do the same. This past week has taught me that so much.
I hope that with my new Companion Sister Errington. I can truly work on becoming a better person, letting this mission change me, and no just trying to change other people. I get extremely frustrated at times. But then need to realize how patient the Lord really is with me. Just like in Jacob 5 when the Lord of the vineyard has done all he could to help the vineyard produce good fruit, and it just will not. That vineyard is me, I am beyond stubborn, and sometimes I just won't produce good fruit. But my favorite verse ever is verse 50

 50 But, behold, the servant said unto the Lord of the vineyard: Spare it a little longer.
Jesus Christ "spares me a little longer" every day. Day after day, and as embarrassing as it is to admit, hour after hour. As much as I refuse to produce good fruits, he keeps trying and trying. He knows my potential, he knows who I am destined to become. Just like you said Mama D "he knows you and your trials and you can tell him everything". He loves us so much. He is willing to help us if we go to him HUMBLY. With sincere desire to change. With sincere desire to try.

I love this gospel. And I love that we are given the knowledge that we are destined to become like God. He does not just want him to get back to Him someday, but He wants us to BE like Him someday. How amazing is that!? He will help us become like him more and more everyday, as we come unto him. I love you all so much. I pray for you and hope you are all safe and having missionary experiences of your own.
Brother Griffith said to us the other day that if the church got rid of every program it had and just kept the missionary program it would be just fine. Because the most important thing we can do is proclaim the gospel. Let those who don't know about it, KNOW about it. Granted that DOES NOT mean everyone on earth will be baptized. They still had the opportunity to know.
Love everyone. And see in them what God sees in them. Let them know of their potential.
Sister Haderlie

Nephi party at a members home

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